Who the hell am I

That’s an excellent question. I am a person, old enough to have very young adult children, but not old enough to reasonably be a widow. I have 2 dogs and a kitten. My favorite color is blue at the moment, but that could change. I never feel obligated to any particular color, and blue is completely aware of the tentative nature of our arrangement. I have always found solace in writing, but never for the purpose of sharing it with anyone else. I have never written a blog and, in fact, setting up this one has tested my very shallow reserves of patience.

I have been chosen by the universe to join this expeditionary challenge called, “your spouse killed himself. Good fucking luck with that“. And now I am here to share my journey with anyone out there who cares to hear it.

I have no real plan for how this blog will unfold. Most likely things will end up in the wrong place because I have no fucking idea what I’m doing. If something is amiss or simply not working right, please let me know….if anyone is actually out there reading this, that is.

Buckle up, my friends. The story now begins (well, I mean, not right here. I’m pretty sure the actual blog posts go in a different section. So…like a pissed off girlfriend storming out only to return because she forgot her keys….let the fucking blogging begin). See you in the posts.

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