When I woke up yesterday morning, he wasn’t nestled up against me.  I had forgotten what life was like before he found me  3 months ago.  Worried about my fearless friend, I went in search of him.  Turns out he had finally discovered the kitten cove/bed I bought for him which has been sitting in my living room, completely ignored, for the past three months.  Was my sweet, cuddly kitten growing up? Was he forsaking me for a kitten cove?

For the record, he doesn’t come with the title, Fearless Kitten, by accident.  You see, I wasn’t even considering bringing a kitten into my life when I met sweet Beau.  One day I found myself at the adoption center with someone else who was picking up a different kitten.  While I stood in that room with kittens running around, Beau leaped onto my leg then used his little kitten claws to climb up the rest of the way, across my chest, and onto the safety of my shoulder where he sat perched, purring in my ear, as if to say, “Hey, lady, wont you take him home with you?”  Admittedly this hurt a great deal, but I didn’t mind at all. Fearless kitten act One.  

But I wasn’t in the market for a kitten so we had some cuddles and then I left.  On the way out I turned to ask if he was available for adoption.  Yes, indeed he was but first he had to get better.  Beau was sick.  

The next day I filled out the application which was approved with the caveat that he stay with them another ten days to finish his treatment.  During those ten days I wavered and struggled with doubt.  After all, what would the monster think? 95 lb GSD meets 3.5 lb kitten.  Was I up to the task?  Was this just an impulsive post-tragedy decision that I would later regret? At the very last minute, after some sage advice, I committed to bringing him home.  And this brings us to Fearless Kitten act Two where Beau meets GSD. Not an ounce of fear.

Then the Fearless Kitten took over his bed and the GSD resigned himself to accepting this new ruler of the house,.

Soon he made friends with the old-lady hound who doesn’t care much for kittens.  But Beau was now the mayor of this house, so she had no choice but to accept the kitten cuddles.

Soon he became part of my mornings, always snuggled up right next to me when I opened my eyes.

During the day he is never far away

As it turns out, my fearless kitten, who was sick when I first met him, was hiding in his kitten cove because he is sick again.  Even fearless kittens don’t like to be cuddled when they are sick. 

Then this morning, after three doses of antibiotics, and a very long day of rest, he finally came out of his kitten cove, had a long drink of water and some breakfast. I know he’s just a kitten, but he’s my fearless kitten. The one who leaped onto my leg, crawled across my chest to perch on my shoulders and ask me, please to bring him home. He’s just a kitten, but he’s so much more than that. He’s Beau the Fearless Kitten.

He’s not quite ready to cuddle yet but that’s okay.

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