Life lays hidden, unpredictable
Wrapped in layers of routines 
Blinds to open
Dogs to feed
Clocks to set
Meals to eat
They keep us safe
We think
Then one day, maybe
a doorbell rings

Are you his wife?
	This isn’t real
Please have a seat
	I can’t
He was found
	No he wasn’t
Just down the road
	Its all wrong
We need to know
	No, don’t say it
Where should we send the body

Rehearsed routines now stand in silence

Life lays hidden, unpredictable
wrapped in layers of routines
Just below the surface
Chaos seeps unseen

And the truck?
I’ll pick it up
	Did he shoot himself in the head
You probably shouldn’t
	What was he thinking
Oh yes, of course

Moments never known before
Now gather for this scene
Red bench
Front porch
Dogs barking
Garden, not yet spring
I’ve known these things before
I know them now
I’ve never seen these things before

Life lays hidden unpredictable
routines offer up their solace
days move one inside the other
exactly as we planned
Then one day 
A doorbell rings

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