His turn to sing

My garden is a symphony harmonizing with the bees Composer and conductor air moving through a breeze flowers strumming colors keep rhythm with the sun practiced wind picks up the chimes in the background birds talking in the crowd This is no ordinary symphony Do you hear it whisper now Air reaches out to findContinue reading “His turn to sing”

Doorbells are dangerous

It was a regular Tuesday for most of the day: morning routines, animals to feed, news to read. I wont bore you with the details of my perfectly boring day.  I don’t even mind boring days because it means that, for now, tragedy hasn’t breached the pretend walls I’ve constructed on a very flimsy foundationContinue reading “Doorbells are dangerous”

Knowing what you don’t know

11:11 is the random time as I open this journal.  He used to tell me that whenever he glanced at the time and it was all the same number, like 2:22 or 1:11 or whatever, he took it as a sign from the universe to remind him to be grateful that the universe sent meContinue reading “Knowing what you don’t know”