On the eve of his birthday

My fingers hover over the keyboard because they know my mind is a cauldron of mixed up words haphazardly collected as I walk through the fog that is this grief. In all those words I find one phrase….this sucks so bad. It has been 201 days since my husband killed himself. There are moments whenContinue reading “On the eve of his birthday”

Muhly Grass Blooms

This morning I almost didn’t make it out of bed again. Friday arrived while I slept and settled in with no particular mood.  It was simply here, sitting in the Friday chair.  I couldn’t find the anchors that were lost yesterday morning, so I had to make do with an improvised set that looked nothingContinue reading “Muhly Grass Blooms”


Sometimes I see a Flying J and stopSometimes I put hazelnut in my coffee cupSometimes it’s the chill of winter’s skySometimes your eyesall the conversations kept insideAlwaysall the faces that I sometimes meetAlwaysthey are never youSometimes I see a Flying J and stop.Sometimes I put hazelnut in my coffee cupDroplets of a dreamwithout warning IContinue reading “Droplets”

Old Friends

It’s Tuesday again.  This isn’t something I think consciously when the sun ushers it in like clockwork every week.  It’s something that sits in the chair in the corner of my room, patiently waiting for me to open my eyes.  Even then it doesn’t announce it’s presence.  It doesn’t say “hi” or “good fucking morning,Continue reading “Old Friends”